How to Estimate Your Moving Costs Before Contacting a Moving Company

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New York City is filled with competition when it comes to moving companies, hence different prices can be presented to clients when it comes to local or long-distance moves. Nevertheless, it’s important for everyone to minimize their moving costs. Therefore, here in this blog, we will explain the factors to consider so you can roughly estimate the price of your move.
The factors we will discuss when it comes to asking about moving costs are as follows:

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The most significant factor that can affect the price of a move is the inventory of your belongings, so it’s important to start creating a detailed inventory of the items you plan to move. Begin with the largest items and finish with the smallest items you have in your apartment or house.
This will help you have an overview of everything you’re moving, and therefore you can roughly estimate whether your move is large or small, and whether the moving cost will be higher or lower depending on how many items you’re moving.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Estimating Distance for My Move?

Another important factor is the distance of the move, specifically whether it’s a local or long-distance move. Moving costs for long-distance moves will certainly be higher compared to a local move, so your destination is indeed a significant factor.
However, for long-distance moves, many factors influence the cost. For example, if the moving company needs to use an alternative route for transportation where there are toll booths or routes where the moving company will consume more fuel to reach your destination. All of this affects the moving costs for long-distance moves.
Most moving companies charge for long-distance moves based on the miles traveled during your relocation, so take into account the distance, as we’ve already mentioned, of your move.
Also, if you’ve decided on the type of move and distance, don’t forget that your relocation may involve additional services, such as piano moving or something similar. The cost of piano moving can be significantly higher than moving small items because it requires more materials, experience, and time, all of which incur additional costs.

How Does the Size of the Vehicle Impact the Estimated Moving Costs?

You probably haven’t considered how the size of the moving truck affects moving costs, but it’s yet another crucial factor to consider before starting your relocation.
Many moving companies will tell you upfront that they need a larger or smaller truck for a more efficient move. However, some may not mention it. That’s why we want to explain how it impacts moving costs.
Larger trucks can typically handle the move in one trip, but it requires more fuel and more movers to load and unload the truck quickly. On the other hand, local moving costs may be cheaper if you have more items and use a larger truck to complete the job in one trip. While the truck may not consume more fuel than for a long-distance move, it’s still essential to consider this factor when deciding on your move.

Which Additional Services Can Influence the Estimated Moving Costs?

In most situations, clients only consider the size of the move in terms of how many items they’re relocating or the distance between point A and point B. However, there’s another crucial aspect: additional moving services you may require from the moving company.
If you simply opt for a move where movers pack and unpack all your belongings, this will naturally increase your moving cost, but in proportion to that, you’ll have peace of mind if a licensed and insured moving company handles the packing, as we do.
On the other hand, if you have special items that require extra care, such as fragile or valuable items, you may end up spending more if movers handle packing for such items. This usually requires more materials to ensure the items are adequately protected and transported with greater care.

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