Everything you need to know about COI | Your Comprehensive Guide to Essential Documents for a Seamless Move

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A Certificate of Insurance for moving (COI) is a proof document for the building’s insurance. It shows that there’s insurance coverage, specifically for the moving process. The COI ensures that if anything gets damaged during the move, like the house’s property (elevator, corridors, floors), there’s liability insurance to cover the costs.
In this guide, we will break down the significance of COI, exploring its role in protecting your assets and ensuring a stress-free move. Whether you’re first time moving or an experienced one, this guide aims to better understand COI, empowering you with the knowledge needed to navigate insurance documentation during your local move

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Understanding the Certificate of Insurance

COI is an abbreviation for “Certificate of Insurance”. This document, or insurance, is sent by the moving company to confirm that you, the one moving, have appropriate insurance and to provide details about that insurance.
COI includes information about the type of coverage, the insured amount, the duration of coverage, and other relevant details.
When moving, COI can offer information about the insurance of your belongings during transportation. In this way, COI provides additional security for you as the owners of these items or for us as the moving company.
COI is the most important document during a move as it will protect you from potential damages or losses of your belongings. And yes, before the move, carefully review the COI to ensure that the insurance covers everything needed and that all details are accurately stated.

Why COI Matters

COI plays a crucial role when it comes to moving, making it the most important document during your move.
The primary concern during a move is protecting your belongings. COI provides protection for your items during transportation. In case of damage or loss, COI allows you to file a claim for compensation, ensuring the protection of your property as the owner.
Almost every building in New York City, especially those with elevators or doormen, requires a moving Certificate of Insurance (COI). Therefore, without specific insurances such as general liability, auto liability, and workers’ compensation, a moving company cannot enter the building to carry out your relocation.
But what else makes COI important? Well, it builds up your confidence in the moving company you choose. When seeking professional services from a moving company, the first impression of professionalism is formed through communication and their approach. However, throughout the process, COI becomes significant, providing you with additional security and trust in that moving company, doesn’t it?
COI simply provides clear information about your insurance type and the coverage you receive when deciding to move with that particular moving company.
Your moving company will assist you with the COI process. Fill out a COI Request to your movers, who will then contact your building property management company to help get it sorted and submitted.
coi - certificate of insurance

How to Get a Certificate of Insurance?

Getting a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in New York City isn’t too difficult, but it depends on the state you reside in. Nevertheless, if you get a free quote at Magical Moving & Storage, you can relax and await our stress-free moving services.
Now, let’s go through what you need to get the COI!
The first step is to hire a professional moving company that will provide coverage for everything you need. They’ll take care of most things and handle the job for you.
The next step is to contact your building management and request sample documents that clearly outline all the necessary insurance requirements.
The final step is to submit a request for the COI to your moving company. Once you’ve sorted out all the necessary details, you can submit the completed COI request to the moving company.
At Magical Moving & Storage, we’ll make sure to provide you with a prompt and thorough response to any questions you may have, including those related to insurance.

What Information Is Inside a Certificate of Insurance?

Also, COI can consist following details:

If you want to know more about local moving COI, take a look at our local moving page!

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