Options for protecting your belongings against loss and damage during a move?

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One of the most popular topics in the moving industry is moving insurance, and this can often be a problem for people who are relocating, just like you! That’s why Magical Moving & Storage is here to support you every step of the way and assist you whenever you need it.
Let’s be real, when we talk about moving insurance, we’re also talking about the risk of losing or damaging items during the move. These are two scenarios that can happen independently of each other, and that’s why it’s very important to prioritize this option during your move, and we’ll show you how.
We will discuss how you can reduce risk and what moving insurance actually means, as well as how to keep belongings safe during a move.
Let’s take a look at these topics then:
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Choose Professional Packing Services

Choosing is always a person’s own matter and they are the ones who choose it the most, so if you’ve ever had experiences with a bad moving company, it means you are the one who made a bad choice and have no one else to blame, but learn from your mistakes.
However, if you are moving for the first time or simply haven’t learned from your mistakes yet, then this blog is for you.
When you choose the right services and the right moving company, it will significantly reduce the risk of losing or damaging items during the move.
Many moving companies will skimp on securing, tying, and loading your belongings into the truck to save a few dollars on materials, but that’s not how they should treat their clients. After all, you are the most important.
If it takes using an extra 10 bubble wraps for moving, we will be the ones to make your move smoother and easier.

Check out our options for long distance moves and full packing and unpacking services, then book online or simply give us a call!

Moving Insurance as Your Best Friend

Maybe you already have an idea of what moving insurance is, and you’ve likely encountered this term before, but just in case, let’s go through it again.
Moving insurance refers to all types of insurance offered during a move or transportation of goods to avoid damage or loss of items. Of course, accidents can still happen where items are lost or damaged, but insurance will cover all the damage and loss, ensuring you get compensated.

If you’re curious about what moving insurance or a certificate of insurance (COI) is, you can browse through one of our blogs that covers everything you need to know about COI.

In New York City, there are various types of moving insurance when it comes to relocation and transportation of belongings.
Released Value Protection
This is often considered the basic level of protection and may not always be sufficient to cover the full value of your items. It is often included in the standard moving cost and provides minimal coverage of around 60 cents per pound per item.
Full Value Protection
This type of insurance provides more comprehensive coverage and is often preferred. It covers damage, loss, or theft of your items at their full value. Evaluating the value of your items is usually required for this coverage and additional fees may apply.

Choose Professional Packing Services

One less recommended way is to try to pack your belongings yourself and prepare them for transport. Why is it not so advisable? Mainly due to lack of experience.
Moving requires a lot of expertise, which is why it’s advisable to hire a professional moving company that can make good and, most importantly, secure moves for you, ensuring all your belongings reach their destination.
If you have still chosen to take this step, then take a look at some of our blogs on the topic.

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If you’ve decided on moving with professionals, then you’re only one step from having a magical journey! Get a free quote and enjoy your move with Magical Moving & Storage.

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